Opto-electronic device manufacturing & characterization

A set-up of five glove-boxes, three of which are connected to a physical vapor deposition (PVD) reactor, allow us to fabricate and characterize organic devices. The organic layers can be deposited either by spin-coating or by sublimation, while the metal electrodes are deposited by PVD only.

The electrical characteristics of organic solar cells can be measured either under darkness or under illumination, using a solar simulator connected to one of the glove-boxes and dedicated sample holders.

The optical transmittance of spatial light modulators can be measured using either the solar simulator or various laser beams as light source.

 A micro-probe station equipped with a Peltier thermal stage is available in one of the glove box to measure the electrical characteristics of electronic devices at various temperatures  (ex: organic field effect transistors, space-charge limited devices.)

Contact: Sadiara FALL