Material characterization

Thermal Conductivity

TPS1000 - thermoconcept

The Hot Disk Analyser is a device for measuring the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and heat capacity of solids, liquids, powders and pastes. Based on the Transient Plane Source method, it covers an extremely wide thermal conductivity range (from 0.005 to 1800 W.m-1.K-1) and measures the thermal conductivity of both homogeneous and heterogeneous materials. 

Contact: Laure BINIEK

Electrical Conductivity

Four point probe station under nitrogen atmosphere

A four-point probe set-up based on a Wenner electrode array can be used to measure the sheet resistance of thin films of conducting polymers or conducting gels under nitrogen atmosphere (glove-box). In case of poor quality electrical contacts between the probes and the organic material, metal electrodes are deposited on top of the material

Contact: Sadiara FALL

Charge carrier mobility

Field-effect mobility

The charge carrier mobility in thin films can be estimated from the output and transfer electrical characteristics of organic field-effect transistors using the molecular layer as electrical channel. Our facilities allow us to perfom these measurements with various device architectures (adapted to the nature - electrons or holes - of the charge carriers), under nitrogen atmosphere and within a narrow temperature range accessible with Peltier heat/cooling station. The corresponding mobility data corresponds to the "in-plane" charge transport, i.e. along the interface with the gate-dielectric.

Space-charge-limited-current mobility

The out-of-plane charge carrier mobility can be measured using space-charge limited current (SCLC) devices, i.e. metal-semiconductor-metal devices, with both metal/semiconductor interfaces being chosen to allow injection of a single type of charge carriers with negligible contact resistance.

Contact: Sadiara FALL